Dana Point California
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Treat yourself to this amazing upper level, 3 bedroom 2 bath "Craftsman Style" beach condo on the beautiful California Riviera. This ocean and pool view unit is located on the bluffs of the Dana Point headlands. It sleeps 6 comfortably and has been uniquely upgraded to accommodate the California lifestyle. Share the beach with the famous Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel and enjoy the great amenities.


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Panoramic views abound in the natural cove that author and seaman Richard Henry Dana called, "The only romantic spot on the coast." Dana landed here during the hide trading days of the 1830's and described the charm of the steep cliff cove in his renowned book, TWO YEARS BEFORE THE MAST. In the days of the square rigged sailing ships, the rugged cove was known as BAHIA CAPISTRANO and was the major port between San Diego and Santa Barbara. It seemed only natural that this scenic cove was destined to become one of the most beautiful recreational harbors on the west coast.